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Catawba Riverkeeper’s CREEK program is a multifaceted community outreach and partnership opportunity for youth living in the Catawba-Wateree River Basin.

CREEK, Community Resources in Education, Engagement, and Kayaking, seeks to build authentic relationships that empower individuals to be stakeholders in the protection of the river: her creeks, streams, and local lakes.

The mission pillars of the Catawba Riverkeeper are to educate, engage and protect. CREEK builds on the first two pillars, educate and engage, by creating a connection between local youth and the Catawba River with the hope that one day they will have the passion to protect her.

We work with local youth organizations in both urban and rural areas with the intention of increasing their understanding of how their local creeks and streams are part of a larger river basin. Through this program, we offer resources to our neighborhood partners, environmental education, high school ambassador training, service opportunities, and kayak experiences. There is a great need to connect people with their water and to the larger ecosystems of the communities in which they live. We are all riverkeepers!

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