Paige Harris
Paige Harris's Fundraiser

Make us pick up trash!

For every $25 you donate, Ali and Paige will pick up 1 bag of trash

$475 towards $500

Let's do good together! We can raise money for Catawba Riverkeeper's work to protect our waterways and keep our rivers, lakes, and streams clean at the same time!

As part of the Dirty Money Challenge, for every $25 we raise, Ali and Paige will pick up 1 bag of trash. For example, $100 = 4 bags.

Anyone whose met Ali knows that littering is her #1 pet peeve and Paige has recently taken a big interest in the environment and ensuring that we leave an amazing planet to future generations! This is one small, fun way, we can give back to our communities and Mother Earth.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping us meet our goal for Catawba Riverkeeper.